The Clients Overview page 

Your Clients Overview page is essentially your address book, listing all the clients/customers you have in Studio Ninja. 

From the Clients Overview page you will be able to:

Add new client: Click the 'Add new client' button to bring up the Add new client lightbox. Here you can add all your new clients details. Click here to learn more about how to add a new client 

Search: Start typing in the search field and your list will dynamically start filters your search criteria.

View: Click the 'View' button to visit the Client Profile page. Here you will find more information about each client including invoices, jobs, emails and notes relating to each client.  

Edit: Click the 'Edit' button to bring up the your client details. Here you can edit and update all your client details.

Send email: Click the 'Send Email' button to send emails to your clients. Click here to learn more about sending and tracking emails 

Delete client: To delete a client simply click on the trash can icon. Click here to learn more about deleting clients

You can sort your clients by First name, Last name, Phone and Email by clicking on the column title that you wish to sort by.

You can filter your clients by Active Clients and Inactive Clients. Active Clients are clients that are linked to jobs that are currently in progress. Inactive Clients are clients that are not linked to a job or are linked to a job but the job has been completed. 

Import Clients: Click the 'Import Clients' button to quickly import all your existing clients into Studio Ninja using a CSV file. Click here to learn more about importing clients 

Export Clients: Click the 'Export Clients' button to quickly export all your current clients out of Studio Ninja into a CSV file.  

The Client Profile page

The Client Profile page displays all the information you need about a particular client and is divided into the following sections: 

Client box: displays additional client information and an 'Edit client profile' button. 

Jobs box: displays all the jobs currently in progress and completed for this client.

Invoices box: displays all the invoices relating to this client. 

Mail box: displays all the outgoing emails send to this client.

Client Notes: displays any notes that you have made about this client and the ability to edit your notes.

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