Sending emails from the Clients Overview page

You can send emails to a client anytime by clicking the 'Send Email' button on the Clients Overview page.

You can click on the 3-dot menu on the right side to see more options (Send Email, Edit Client, Delete Client). If you click on Send Email, you can either write an email from scratch OR choose an email template that you have previously saved from the Settings > Email Templates page. 

Click here to learn more about Email Templates

IMPORTANT: if you would like to send your client a quote, invoice, contract or questionnaire please add a new job for this client first. All quotes, invoices, contracts and questionnaires are managed from within the job profile page. 

**Emails sent from the client's profile are not saved in the Mail section of the leads and jobs. However, emails sent from the leads and jobs page are saved in client's profile.

Sending emails from the job profile page

On the right hand side of the job profile page you will see a client box with all the client information in it. Simply click the 'Send email' button to send your client an email. 

Tracking your client emails 

All outgoing emails in Studio Ninja are tracked! Go to the clients overview page and click on the 'View' button to view the client profile page.  Here you will find a Mail box displaying all emails from all jobs sent to this client. 

Tracking your job related emails

At the bottom of the job profile page you will see the Mail box. This displays all the outgoing emails that were sent for this particular job.   

What do the different status symbols mean?

Studio Ninja gives a status to all outgoing emails to give you more information about the email.  

SENT: means the email has been successfully sent to your client and has arrived in their inbox.

OPENED: means your client has opened your email and seen it.

CLICKED: means your client has clicked on a link to their client portal.

UNDELIVERED: means the email failed to send.

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