How to add a new job

There are 3 simple ways of creating a new job:

1. From the dashboard: Click the green 'Add new' button located within the Upcoming jobs and appointments box.


2. From the job overview page: Click the green 'Add new job' button located on the top right hand side of the page.


3. From the calendar page: Click the green 'Add new' button located on the top right hand side of the page OR click on a date/time within the calendar and the add new job lightbox will appear. 

Add New Job lightbox

When you're adding a new job in Studio Ninja, you will be prompted for some basic information about the job:

This lightbox consists of four sections:

Primary Client Contact: Select an existing client by typing into the input box or click the 'Add new client' button to create a new client for this job. 

Job Details: This is where you give your job a name, for example, Jenny & Matt’s Wedding or Johnston Family Portrait. Choose a workflow (click here to learn more about workflows) and finally choose a Job Type. 

Job Schedule: This is where you choose a date and time for your job. If it's a wedding, you may want to tick the 'all day event' checkbox to block out the whole day in your calendar

Job Notes: Lastly, this is where you add any specific job notes, for example, names of people attending the shoot, shoot ideas and inspiration, shoot schedule, etc.

Job Profile page

As soon as you complete the add new job lightbox you will be redirected to the job profile page.

Welcome to the job profile page. This is the home of all the client information, job information, invoices, quotes, contracts, questionnaires, notes and emails relating to this specific job. 

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