Essentially your homepage, the dashboard gives you a snapshot of everything about your business. You will see some basic reporting of how many leads you have recently created, how many jobs you have recently booked, how many jobs you have in the pipeline and how much money you have coming in. The dashboard also displays a revenue comparison chart so you can compare revenue and income between previous or future months. There are also boxes displaying your upcoming jobs and appointments, to-do tasks for each active job, as well as invoices and payments that are due or overdue.


The Clients Overview page is your address book. It displays all the active and inactive clients in the system. You can search clients, add new clients, batch import clients, edit clients and delete clients.

You can also view an individual Client Profile page which displays all of the client’s information, how much money the client is bringing into the business and what jobs and invoices are attached to the client.


The Jobs Overview page displays all active and completed jobs that you have within your Ninja account. You can add new jobs, search jobs, see the progress of each job and also check out which task needs to be completed next for each job.

Click on any job listing to view more information on the Job Profile page, which displays all the information about a particular job. From the Job Profile page you can view or add invoices, contracts, questionnaires and quotes for this job.


The Calendar displays all your scheduled jobs and appointments within your Ninja account. You can view and navigate the calendar by week or by month. You can also add and schedule new jobs or appointments simply by clicking on any date in the calendar. Lastly, you can synchronise your Studio Ninja calendar with your Google Calendar so you have everything in one place.

Payments & Invoicing:

The Payments page displays all the due, overdue and paid invoices within your Ninja account. Our invoicing features also include Payment Methods, Payment Schedules and Payment Reminders, which you set up via the Settings page. These settings tell your clients how you would like to get paid and how often you would like to get paid. Let Payment Reminders follow up with your clients automatically regarding overdue invoices so you can avoid those awkward calls!


The all-powerful Settings page allows you to set up and manage everything in your Studio Ninja account. 

Client Portal:

The Client Portal is a client-only website where your clients view and accept your quotes, sign contracts, fill in questionnaires and pay invoices. Each client can access their own portal by clicking on a link within an email that is sent out to them from your Ninja account.

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