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This is where you do everything relating to your emails so let's break it down into the different sections and explain each one in detail.

Email Settings

We offer our photographers three different options for sending emails:

  • Studio Ninja server
  • Gmail
  • SMTP server 

Studio Ninja Server

By default, when you send emails from Studio Ninja the emails will send from the Studio Ninja servers. This means that emails will send from your company name, have a reply address of your email address BUT will appear as:

Your Company Name <>


If you host your email address on Gmail then this is the option for you. Simply click the 'Connect' button and login to your Google account. It's that easy!

Now emails will be sent from your Gmail server instead of the Studio Ninja server. You will be able to see all outgoing emails from Studio Ninja in your sent items in Gmail and your emails will appear as:

Your Company Name <>

SMTP Server

If you host your email under your own business domain then this is the option for you. To set this up you will need your Outgoing Mail Server settings which you should be able to get from your current email client (the software you use to send and receive emails)

Once set up your emails will appear as:

Your Company Name <>

Here is the information you will need:

  • Sender name: You can put your company name here or your name. This will appear in your client inbox when they receive emails from you.
  • Username: This is your unique username for this outgoing mail server. Usual this is your email address.
  • Password: This is your unique password for this email account
  • SMTP Server: This is the outgoing mail server for this email account. Usually it is but can vary depending on the provider.  
  • Port: This can vary depending on the outgoing mail server but usually it is 465
  • SSL: Means 'Secure Sockets Layer' and is an option from your email provider. Check this with your email provider first before ticking this option as the Port number may change if you enable SSL. 

Email Signature

The email signature will appear at the bottom of all the emails sent from Studio Ninja. Feel free to customise your email signature as much as you like and remember, you can add links and an image to your email signature too.

Email Templates

Email templates are used in many different areas in Studio Ninja. By default, we provide five email templates that cannot be deleted because they are linked to specific common tasks. 

For example, the 'Contract email template' automatically appears when you are sending a contract. Same applies for all the other default email templates. 

You can edit our default email templates and make them sound more on brand for your business. Just click the 'Edit' button, make whatever changes you like and click 'Save'. 

IMPORTANT: Do not remove the link within the email. This link must remain in the email so your client can click the link and navigate to their client portal and do the task that you are asking them to do.

Feel free to create as many email templates as you like. They are a great way to quickly correspond with your clients. You can also add your email templates into workflow tasks and make Studio Ninja automatically send emails for you. Click here to learn more about workflows.

There is also a list of 'Variables' that you can use in your email templates.  Variables pull data from Studio Ninja and automatically insert it into your emails. For example, if you use the variable "Dear %client_name%", then when you send the email, the words will appear as "Dear Jenny" (if the clients name is Jenny).

Email Notifications

Tick this box if you would like to receive email notifications whenever a client completes a task in your client portal, including:

  • Accepts or declines a quote
  • Signs a contract
  • Completes a questionnaire
  • Makes a credit card payment

Enabling email notifications is a great way to keep up to date track of what all your clients are doing in the client portal.

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