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The client profile page has been redesigned! Here's what you can now do on this page.

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The Client Profile page displays all the information you need about a particular client and is divided into the following sections: 

Add new: allows you to create a new lead or job directly from the client profile.

Client panel: displays additional client information and an 'Edit client' button. This also shows the subscription status, date and method of subscription. 

You can manually add consent at this section

You can also add client photos, so you can keep track of which client you're working with

Leads panel: displays all leads for this client.

Jobs panel: displays all the jobs currently in progress and completed for this client.

Invoices panel: displays all the invoices as well as the total amount invoiced for this client.

Mail panel: displays all the outgoing emails send to this client.

Client Notes: displays any notes that you have made about this client. Also provides you the ability to edit your notes.

NOTE: What is the difference between subscription and opt-in consent? Opt-in consent deals with what you are going to use your client's data for, whereas subscription is related only to emails. 

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