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Link Studio Ninja to a different Google Calendar
Link Studio Ninja to a different Google Calendar

Learn how to disconnect and change the Google Calendar that Studio Ninja is linked to.

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Settings > Date, Time & Calendar > Calendar Integration

If you have a new Google account or would simply like to change which Google account your Calendar is linked to.

It's easy! Just click on the 'Disconnect' button found in Calendar Settings and a message will appear confirming that it' has been disconnected.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to remove an existing Google Account in Studio Ninja

Important: Make sure you're logged in to the Google account you want to disconnect. 

Step 2: Click on Studio Ninja and click the 'Remove Access' button.

Step 3: Go back to Studio Ninja and click the Integrate with Google Calendar button again.

Step 4: Login to your preferred Google account to complete the integration.

All your Studio Ninja jobs and appointments will now appear within your new Google Calendar account.

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