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How to add a new Client
How to add a new Client

Learn what clients are and how to add your first client to Studio Ninja.

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Clients are essentially contacts in your address book (Clients Overview page). 

The Clients Overview page displays all clients in the system. You can search clients, add new clients, batch import clients, edit clients and delete clients.

IMPORTANT: if you would like to send your client a quote, invoice, contract or questionnaire please add a new lead or job for this client first. All quotes, invoices, contracts and questionnaires are managed from within the lead/job profile page. 

There are a couple of ways to add clients to your Studio Ninja account.

Add a new Client from the Clients Overview page 

Step 1: Go to the Clients tab in the top main menu and click on the green 'Add new client' button.

Step 2: A light box popup with appear allowing you to add in all the client data. Fill in all the appropriate information and click 'Save client profile'

IMPORTANT: The First name: and Email: fields are mandatory.  

You will now see your new client added to the list. Add as many client as you like. You may also want to import clients straight into Studio Ninja using a CSV file. Click here to learn more about batch importing clients.

Add a new Client while creating a new Job

To make the process to adding a new job faster, you can also add a new client to Studio Ninja while you're in the process of creating a new job. 

Step 1: From the dashboard, leads tab, jobs tab or calendar tab, you click the 'Add New' button or '+' button and create a new lead/job. 

Step 2: You will now see the Add New Lead/Job lightbox. The first option at the top of the lightbox asks you to Choose client. 

If your client already exists in Studio Ninja you can simply just start typing their name in the input box and the search function will find the client for you, or you can click the 'Add new client' button on the right hand side. 

Step 3: As above, add all your client details here and click the 'Save client profile' button. This client has automatically been placed as the primary client for the job that you're creating. 

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