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Getting started with the Calendar
Getting started with the Calendar

Learn the basics about the Studio Ninja calendar, including how to change views, add new jobs, sync to Google and more...

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The Calendar displays all your Jobs, Leads, Extra shoots and Appointments.

Add a new job or appointment to the Calendar

There are two ways of adding new leads, jobs, extra shoots or appointments into your calendar.

Options 1: Click the green 'Add New' button located at the top right hand side of the screen. This will bring up the Add New lightbox which will give you the option to create a new lead, job, extra shoot or appointment into your calendar.

Option 2: Click on a date or time inside your calendar and the Add New lightbox will appear. Adding a new job or appointment this way will pre-populate the date and time field for all the 'Add new' options.

What do the different status symbols mean?

SHOOT: means the primary shoot date for a Job. This is the date that the job is scheduled. 

LEAD: means that the job is still in lead stage and has not been confirmed yet. For a job to become confirmed, one of the following four things needs to happen:

  1. The client needs to accept a quote

  2. The client needs to sign a contract

  3. The client needs to pay a payment for an invoice

  4. You, the photographer need to manually tick the job confirmed button in the workflow of this particular job. 

APPOINTMENT: means you have scheduled an appointment on this particular date.

APPOINTMENT (LEAD): means that the scheduled appointment in the calendar is for a Lead.

MAIN SHOOT: means you have a scheduled Job.

MAIN SHOOT (LEAD): means you have a scheduled Lead. The word Lead is automatically removed once the lead has been converted into a job.

Navigating the Calendar

Week or Month view: You can toggle between week view or month view by clicking on the drop down list on the upper right hand side and choose 'Week' or 'Month' .

Finding a date/time: Click the left and right arrow buttons to navigate the calendar. If you want to quickly return to today’s date, click on the 'Today' button.

Filter Leads and Jobs: Tick on the 'Show leads or jobs' box to show the all leads and jobs or hide them in your calendar. 

Remember to sync Studio Ninja to your Google Calendar

We have incorporated the Google Calendar API which allows you to sync the Studio Ninja calendar to your Google Calendar. Click here to learn how to integrate Studio Ninja with you Google Calendar

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