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Getting started with jobs
Getting started with jobs

Learn the basics about jobs, the jobs overview page and the job profile page.

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The Jobs Overview page

This page gives you a snapshot of all your jobs in Studio Ninja. Here you can see:

  • Main shoot date: displays the date that the job is scheduled 

  • Job: displays the name of the job

  • Job type: displays the job type assigned to the job 

  • Workflow progress: displays a visual representation of how the job is progressing

  • Next task: displays the next task in the workflow that needs to be completed. A red “!” icon will appear if the next task is overdue.

By default, this list shows all your Active jobs. Active jobs are jobs that are currently in progress with or without a shoot date. Active jobs with Upcoming Shoots are jobs with confirmed shoot date. Completed jobs are jobs that have been completed. 

As the number of jobs increase, you can easily search for jobs by entering keywords in the search box. Start typing the name of the job and the list will begin to filter down displaying your search criteria.

The Job Profile page

Everything about a job can be found here. In the job profile page, you will be able to see:

  • the client details

  • the job details

  • the workflow

  • the invoices attached to this job

  • the quotes attached to this job

  • the contracts attached to this job

  • the questionnaires attached to this job

  • the notes attached to this job

  • the emails sent to the primary client for this job

You will also be able to create and/or send:

  • a quote to the client

  • a contract to the client

  • a questionnaire to the client

  • an invoice to the client

As soon as you start working on a job it will quickly start filling up with important information. The job profile page stores all the information about a particular job so it's easy for you can keep track of everything stay organised.

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