What is an appointment?

Appointments are basically just calendar entries. Generally you can create appointments for client meetings or for anything that you need to do, for example, scout a location. As soon as you create an appointment, it will automatically get added into your calendar.

There are a few ways to create appointments in Studio Ninja:

  1. On your dashboard, click on the 'Add new' button
  • And second is by going to your Calendar and clicking the 'Add new' button or by clicking on the date of the appointment.

You will see a small pop-up window, choose 'Appointment' from the list of options.

Doing so will take you to the 'Add new appointment window,' where you will enter the Appointment details and schedule.

If you would like to send an automatic reminder to your client before the appointment date, tick the 'Send appointment reminder to a client according to Calendar Settings' box. Find your client and click on 'Save appointment'.

Awesome, you're all done :-) Now you you know how to add appointments into Studio Ninja. 

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