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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?
Are electronic contracts and signatures legally binding?
How do I create a quote without a payment schedule?
How do I add an SPF record?
How do I turn off the payment reminders?
Why doesn't my password work for connecting email via SMTP server?
Can I sync my Xero Integration with more than one Revenue Account?
What are Lead Sources and how do they work?
How to set up two factor authentication (2FA) via an authenticator app
How do I track email replies in Studio Ninja? (SMTP-connected users)
How to export Leads and Jobs
How do I track email replies in Studio Ninja? (Gmail-integrated users only)
How to export client list
How do I export payments?
Can I use Studio Ninja in other languages?
I'm trying to save a Quote. Why isn't my logo showing when I click "Save as PDF"?
Why can't I see my leads/jobs that are booked more than 12 months in advance on Google Calendar app?
Can I use a promo code when I change my subscription plan?
How to add a fixed or percentage discount to a quote or invoice?
How is my data protected? What are you doing about data security?
How to fix the tax code error when integrating with QuickBooks
How to sync your Studio Ninja Calendar to your iPhone/iPad's calendar
How do I avoid my emails from going to my clients’ spam or junk folders?
How to Reconcile Stripe Payments in Xero
Why are my Stripe payments failing?
Why can't I use my PayPal business account with Studio Ninja?
How do I use the embedded Contact Form?
How do I connect my iCloud email to Studio Ninja?
How do I copy a template over without missing chunks of text?
Can I use Yahoo! to send emails from Studio Ninja directly?
How does Studio Ninja help me be GDPR compliant?
How do I integrate my email with Gmail/Gsuite?
What are Variables?
What is the difference between a Lead and a Job?
I use a different CRM, how do I move bookings / data to Studio Ninja from an existing system?
How do I create an appointment?
Does Studio Ninja offer a gallery for selling photos online?
Why can't I change the payment schedule of an invoice or quote?
How do I make changes to a workflow that has already been assigned to a job?
Does Studio Ninja do accounting?