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Watch these short videos to learn how to use Studio Ninja and get up and running as quickly as possible

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Welcome to Studio Ninja

This welcome video will cover what you need to do to get your Studio Ninja account up and running as soon as possible.

Understanding the System and Job Flow

This short video will give you a very good overview of how you should book shoots and use Studio Ninja to manage your photography business. It will take you through the flow of converting a lead into a job, explaining the workflow, sending a quote, accepting it, signing contracts, completing questionnaires and paying invoices. Everything you need to know including setting up your account.

Now it's time to put your business on autopilot!

Check out these three short videos below to learn how to:

  • Send auto emails: e.g. thank your clients for booking, remind them about an upcoming shoot or ask them for a review.

  • Set up automatic payment reminders: you NEVER have to chase payments again.

  • Send Quotes in under a minute: your clients can choose packages, sign contracts, complete questions and pay invoices all in one go.

Free Training

Need more help? Schedule a free one-on-one training session here:

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