The GDPR compliance feature is for users with clients in the EU. What do you need to do to be compliant?

  1. Update your privacy policy to be compliant with GDPR guidelines.

  2. Only collect or process personal data required to perform your contract e.g. shooting a client's wedding or family portrait.

  3. If you want to send your clients marketing materials and promotions which are not related to completing the contract, you must get their explicit consent first.

How does Studio Ninja help you be compliant?

Studio Ninja will help you collect opt-in consent if you wish to do so. Remember you don't need to ask for consent if you are simply processing their personal data e.g. name and email, in order to do your job for them.

Studio Ninja will also help you store these records of consent to remain GDPR-compliant.

There are three ways in which you can ask for your client's consent, by adding an optional checkbox to your:

  • Contact Form

  • Questionnaire Templates

  • Contract Templates

You can track your client's consent records via their Client Profile, as well as inside the Job Profile where you sent the Contract or Questionnaire Templates. Go to the Job Profile and then click on View Contract or View Questionnaire.

How do I start using GDPR? How do I start using GDPR? Once you've logged in, go to Settings > Company Settings > Edit Company and you can select to enable GDPR features. GDPR will be enabled once you click on Save Company Details.

You then have the option of adding consent check boxes to the following areas:

  • Contact Form

  • Questionnaires

  • Contracts

How do I keep track of opt-in consent statuses?

  • For consent received via Contact Form, go to your Client Profile.

  • For consent received via Contract Templates, go to your Job Profile > View Contract.

  • For consent received via Questionnaire Templates, go to your Job Profile > View Questionnaire.


You'll receive updated notifications when your client signs your Contract, completes your Questionnaire, or when they fill out your Contact Form. If they opt-in to your consent statement, you will see this in your notification emails:

Contact Form with Consent

Contact Form without Consent:

Questionnaire with Consent:

Questionnaire without Consent:

Contract with Consent:

Contract without Consent:

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