For those of you who are always on the go (who isn't?), you'll definitely want to see your Studio Ninja schedules on your mobile phones or tablets. For those of you who are you using iPhones and iPads, here are the steps to sync your Studio Ninja calendar to your device's calendar:

1. Sync your SN calendar to your Google calendar by going to your Studio Ninja account's Settings > Calendar Settings;

2. On your apple device, go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts; 

3. Click Add Account then choose Google. You will be routed to the Google sign in screen;

4. Enter your Google account name and password;

5. You will be prompted to select what Google applications you want synced to your apple device. Since we're only syncing the Calendar, you can deselect Mail, Contacts and Notes;

7. Click Save, which is located at the top right corner of the screen;

8. While you're still on your iPhone/iPad Settings, go to Calendar and then look for Default Calendar - your Studio Ninja Calendar should appear;

10. Choose the Studio Ninja calendar.

Then you're all set! Check your device's calendar and see if your SN schedules/appointments are already showing.

Note: If the Studio Ninja calendar is not showing in your iPhone/iPad calendar settings, you can switch off and then switch on your device to refresh it. 

If you're looking to sync your Studio Ninja calendar to your iCal, you can check this article: How to sync with iCal

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