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How do I track email replies in Studio Ninja? (Gmail-integrated users only)
How do I track email replies in Studio Ninja? (Gmail-integrated users only)

Set up email forwarding and see your client replies inside your Studio Ninja client profiles, leads and jobs.

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If your email is connected to Studio Ninja via Gmail, you can set up a unique email address and email forwarding so that you can track incoming replies in the Mail section of your Clients, Leads, and Jobs.

By setting up your unique Studio Ninja email address, and forwarding your emails to this address, only those emails related to your Studio Ninja interactions are tracked within your SN account.

Here's how to do it:

1. In Studio Ninja, open “Settings” within Gmail

Go to Settings, and select Email Settings in the right-hand-side menu. Under Gmail, click “Settings”.

Note: You may need to disconnect and reconnect in order to see this Settings button.

2. Check “I want to track incoming email replies”

Once this is checked, you will be asked to create your unique Studio Ninja email address for you to track email replies. Once saved, the email address cannot be changed. If you're happy with your Studio Ninja email address, click Save Email Address.

Note: You will need this unique email address when you add the forwarding address within Gmail settings. (Step 4)

3. You now have a unique Studio Ninja mailbox

Your Studio Ninja email address will be added to the “Reply-to” field when your clients reply to your emails. Make sure you click “Reply All” so that your Studio Ninja email address is added in the 'To' field or as a CC.

Setting up email forwarding is highly recommended because there is a chance that your Studio Ninja email address may be removed from the conversation thread between you and your clients. Forwarding will ensure that every email is received by the Studio Ninja mailbox and thus tracked within the relevant Leads and Jobs.

Open Gmail and go to Settings. Select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” along the horizontal tabs. Click “Add a forwarding address”. Paste the unique email address you copied from Studio Ninja. Click “Next”. 

You will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject “Confirm email forwarding”. Open the email and click on the secure link.

Your email forwarding has now been successfully verified but there's one more step.

Note: The verification email may land in your Promotions or Spam folders. Try looking for it there.

6. Forward a copy of the incoming email to the new address

After you have verified your email forwarding, go back to your Gmail Settings. Select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” along the horizontal tabs. Click the radio button "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" and choose the email address from the drop-down menu. Make sure you have selected "keep Gmail's copy in the inbox". Click "Save Changes".

And that's it! From now on, all of your client email replies will appear and be tracked in the Mail section of your Clients, Leads, and Jobs.

Frequently asked questions:

How are email replies tracked?
We track your clients’ email replies by receiving copies of those emails in your unique Studio Ninja mailbox. Previously, we can only receive them if email forwarding is set up. With the new improvement, we can also receive them whenever your SN email address is added to the “Reply-to” field or CC field.

Do I still need to set up email forwarding?
Email forwarding is still the best solution to capture all email replies. The additional improvement is mainly for those of you who can’t or doesn’t want to set up email forwarding for a variety of different reasons.

What do I do if I already have email forwarding set up?
If it’s already done, you don’t have to action anything. If you want to have a customised Studio Ninja email address, you will have to disconnect, reconnect, customise the address and then reconfigure your email forwarding address to the new one. Do nothing, if you don’t want the hassle.

Why haven't I received the verification email?
The verification email may take up to a few hours to arrive or it may have landed in your Promotions or Spam folders. Try searching for this subject title "Confirm email forwarding" and marking emails from [email protected] as not spam.

Will SN track my reply to my client's email if I send it from Gmail?
If you reply to your client's reply from Gmail instead of Studio Ninja, make sure you click "Reply All" so that your Studio Ninja email address is added to the CC field. This way, your reply will be tracked. Any email you send from Studio Ninja is always tracked.

Are all my emails being forwarded to my SN mailbox?
When emails are forwarded to Studio Ninja, we will filter out non-SN emails. These are rejected before they reach your forwarding email mailbox. We're collecting only SN-related emails and Google system emails.

Does this mean Studio Ninja has access to all my non-SN-related emails, such as personal emails or other work emails, which have been forwarded?

No, we don't have access to these emails. We filter out these emails before they reach your SN mailbox so that the only emails we keep in your SN mailbox are related to an SN Client, Lead or Job.

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