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How to export Leads and Jobs
How to export Leads and Jobs

Learn how to export your Leads and Jobs from Studio Ninja

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Dashboard > Leads/Jobs tab > Export Leads/Jobs

This is where you can export all of your leads and/or jobs including all the invoices, quotes, contracts and questionnaires associated with those leads/jobs. Arrives in your email inbox as a ZIP file. Simply click the "Export Leads/Jobs" button to prepare the files for download.

It may take up to an hour to complete depending on the amount of leads/jobs you have. Once it's been completed, you will receive an email notification with the download link.

Once you've receive the email notification, just click the "Download your data here" link to download the Zip package. And that's it! Your leads/jobs are now exported.

Frequently asked questions:

How many times can I export my leads/jobs?

There's no limit on how many times you can export your lead. However, there is a 15-minute delay after you've received the email notification. An error message will pop-up if you click the "Export Leads" button again within the time period.

How long does it take for me to receive the email notification?

It may take up to an hour depending on the amount of leads/jobs you have in your account.

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