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Turning a quote into an invoice, automatically
Turning a quote into an invoice, automatically

Learn how quotes automatically become invoices when accepted.

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When you send your client a quote, it will automatically become an invoice if your client accepts that quote. There is no need for you to manually generate an invoice after a quote is accepted.  

When your client clicks the 'Accept' button, two things will happen:

  1. An invoice will automatically appear in their client portal with a red number 1 symbol next to the Invoice tab notifying your client that attention is needed there.

  2. A new invoice will be generated in the job profile page.

However, there are instances that you might need to accept the quote in your client's behalf.

For the Pick & Choose quote, you can manually accept the quote by going to the job profile page, then click on the 'View' button in the Quote box and then click the 'Preview' button. 

This will take you to the client portal where you can manually click the 'Accept' button, which will convert your quote directly into an invoice.

For the Fixed quote, you can manually accept the quote by clicking the 'Mark as Accepted' button.

Lastly, before you save a quote, you should see the 'Automatically generate an invoice once the quote is accepted' option, which you can select or deselect depending on whether you want an invoice created or not when a client accepts the quote.

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