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What are Lead Sources and how do they work?
What are Lead Sources and how do they work?

Everything you need to know about Lead Sources.

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A LEAD SOURCE is the channel through which a lead (prospective customer) first heard about or found your business. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Google, your website, trade shows, referrals from your previous and current clients, or just general word-of-mouth.

This video will show you how the Lead Source graph in the Dashboard works, and how to set up Lead Sources in your Settings—adding a Lead Source, editing an existing one, how to assign a Lead Source to different Leads or Jobs, either manually or automatically, using the Studio Ninja Contact Form or Questionnaire builder.

Adding a Lead Source

  1. Go to "Settings"

  2. Under "Company Settings" (right-hand-side column), click on Lead Sources.

  3. In the top right corner, click on the "Add a Lead Source" button.

  4. Give your Lead Source a name, and choose a colour.

  5. Click "Save"

Assigning a Lead Source to a Lead or Job

Assigned by Client

You can give your prospective or current Clients the ability to assign a Lead Source for you by adding the Lead Source field to your Contact Form or Questionnaire. Change the label of the Lead Source field to "How did you hear about us?" so that the person filling out the Contact Form or Questionnaire can choose an answer from the list of Lead Sources.

Assigned by You

You can assign a Lead Source manually to each Lead or Job by clicking into the relevant Lead or Job profile. Click "Edit Lead / Job" and choose a Lead Source from the dropdown. You can also add the Lead Source when you manually create a new lead.

Archiving a Lead Source

Archiving is recommended when you no longer want a particular Lead Source to appear in the dropdown list. For example, you did a trade show in 2019 called "Wedding Expo 2019" and that Lead Source is no longer relevant or active.

Archiving a Lead Source will not remove it from the Lead Source chart / report on the Dashboard.

Archived Lead Sources will appear in the Archive section of the same page and if you need the lead source again, you can 'Unarchive' it.

Deleting a Lead Source

Deleting is not recommended unless you really want the Lead Source to be completely removed from the system. Any existing Leads or Jobs with the Lead Source that you want to delete will need to be "migrated" to another Lead Source or None. When you delete a Lead Source, you will be informed the total number of Leads or Jobs that are still linked to this Lead Source, and asked to decide what happens to them.

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