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Pic-Time Integration
Pic-Time Integration

Everything you need to know about our integration with Pic-Time

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What does the integration do?

Pic-Time users, you guys are going to love this!

Once you have integrated Pic-Time with your Studio Ninja account you will be able to create new Pic-Time galleries or link existing galleries to your Studio Ninja jobs.

Jobs that have Pic-Time galleries linked will also show a new Galleries page inside the Client Portal. Clients can go directly to their Pic-Time client gallery from the Client Portal.

How does it work?

First go to Settings > Integrations and click the Integrate button inside the Pic-Time box.

You'll be asked to login to your Pic-Time account.

You will need to give permission to Pic-Time to access your Studio Ninja account.

Now, the integration is complete. You can now add an introduction text that your clients will see on the client portal's Galleries page.

Go to any job and you'll see a new Galleries box inside the Job Profile page.

Click on Add new gallery and here, you are presented with two options - you can either link the Job to an Existing Pic-Time gallery that you have already created in Pic-Time OR create a new Pic-Time gallery from within Studio Ninja.

Create New Pic-Time Gallery

To create a new gallery, click on Create a new Pic-Time gallery. You will have the option to select which brand you want to assign to this gallery as well as which gallery settings to apply.

To save you time, we have automatically entered information into these fields for you. For example the job name will automatically become the Pic-Time Project Name and the same thing for the URL. These are obviously editable so change these details if you like.

Once you're happy with everything, click Save Gallery.

You'll be automatically be redirected to your new Pic-Time Gallery and here we can finish the setup process.

Select Existing Pic-Time Gallery

Using the drop down, you'll see all the galleries that you have saved in Pic-Time. To make it quicker, you can actually start typing and the options will start to filter down.

This integration actually allows you to link multiple Pic-Time galleries to a Studio Ninja job. So for example, if you have shot an engagement shoot for this couple, and their wedding, you can link both those galleries to this job. Just so you know, up to 10 galleries can be linked.

Once you've chosen the correct Gallery, click Save Gallery.

And it is as simple as that.

Importing Pic-Time Orders

When an order is placed through Pic-Time, that order will show in the Invoice box of the job profile under the Pic-Time section. All you have to do is to click Import and that order will appear in Studio Ninja as a paid invoice. With this, you can track all your income, easily, in one place.

Note: If your orders in Pic-Time contain multiple different tax rates, for example, if someone buys an album which has 5% tax as well as a canvas which has 10% tax, even though this is one order in Pic-Time, it will be imported as two separate invoices in Studio Ninja.

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