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How do I turn off the payment reminders?
How do I turn off the payment reminders?

Learn how to turn off the payment reminders in Settings.

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What is a Payment Reminder?

Payment reminders are a great way to automatically remind your clients when their invoices or payments are due; or overdue!

A payment reminder will send automatically if:

  1. The invoice has been generated automatically from an accepted quote or;

  2. The invoice has been sent from the Invoices section in a lead/job.

How to turn it off?

It's easy! Just go to Settings > Invoice & Payment Settings > Payment Reminders and untick the boxes.

Please note that doing this will turn the payment reminders off for all clients.

Another way is to update the invoice by recording a payment or by writing it off. You can also change the payment due date to a later date to temporarily stop the reminders. This is the best workaround if you want to stop a payment reminder for a specific client.

Go to Payments tab > search for the Invoice ID > click the invoice to view the options > and click the Record payment or the Write off button.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out anytime using the in-app chat option found on the bottom right-hand side of your Studio Ninja account. Or book a one-on-one training here:

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