Settings > Questionnaire Templates

This is where you create, edit and delete your questionnaires. Once set up, you can send questionnaires to your clients via a job. 

You can send questionnaires independently, or you can include a questionnaire with an invoice or quote. 

Questionnaires are completed via the client portal and the answers appear in your job profile page.

Studio Ninja comes with three default questionnaire templates that you can use or edit:

  • Default Portrait Questionnaire
  • Default Wedding Questionnaire 1 
  • Default Wedding Questionnaire 2

Of course, you're more than welcome to create your own. 

Create a new questionnaire

To create your own questionnaire click on the green 'Add new template' button. You can add as many questions as you like. You can drag 'n' drop the questions into any order that you like.  

IMPORTANT: We wanted to keep the questionnaires as simple as possible so we have purposefully left out all options to add buttons, drop down menus or tick boxes. All your clients need to do is answer the questions you ask them. 

If you've enabled GDPR, you can also add consent statements to your questionnaires.

Currently questionnaires are NOT linked to fields in Studio Ninja, but we plan to improve this feature in the near future. 

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