Settings > Products / Packages

This is where you will input your products and/or packages into Studio Ninja. If you sell a lot of individual products then you may want to add them all in, or you may just want to add your most popular packages, it's totally up to you. 

All the products / packages that you add here will easily be accessible from a drop down menu when you're creating invoices and quotes. Click here to learn how to create and send your first invoice 

Adding a product / package

To add a new product or packages click the green 'Add new product/package' button'.  

A lightbox will appear asking you to add your product / package details including:

  • Name: the name of the product / package
  • Description: describe with the product is OR what is included in the package
  • Price: how much is this product / package
  • Tax: choose if this product / package includes tax, excludes tax, or has no tax. Click here to learn what the different tax options mean 
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