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Job Types

Learn how to create different job types and assign these job types to your jobs.

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Settings > Job Types

Job types are a great way of colour coding the different types of jobs that you do. Feel free to add as many different types of jobs as you like. 

To add a new job type, just click on the Add new type button.

You will have to name the job type and assign a colour to it. The third field in the job type light box will let you assign a specific workflow for that job type. When a workflow is assigned to a job type, that workflow is automatically used when you create a new lead or job and you select that job type with attached workflow.

The job type coloured icons will appear next to your jobs on the dashboard, jobs overview page and the calendar. 

To assign a job type to a job, simply choose a job type from the drop down menu when creating a new job.

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