Contract Templates

Learn how to create, edit and remove contract templates.

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Settings > Contract Templates

This is where you create, edit and delete your contracts. Once set up, you can send contracts to your clients via a job. 

You can send contracts independently, or you can include a contract with an invoice or quote. 

Contracts are signed electronically via the client portal. 

If you've enabled GDPR, you can also create consent statements here.

Studio Ninja comes with three default contracts that you can use or edit:

  • Default Commercial Contract

  • Default Portrait Contract

  • Default Wedding Contract

Of course, you're more than welcome to create your own. 

IMPORTANT: If you copy/paste a large volume of text into Studio Ninja please paste the text into notepad first to strip away any previous formatting. Then copy/paste your text from notepad into the Studio Ninja contract.  

When you send a contract in Studio Ninja, all the client and job information already appears in the contract header so there is no need to add additional variables.

When you send a contract that is linked to an invoice or quote, the product / package details and payment schedule also appear on the contract. 

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