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How to rename Main Shoot, Extra Shoot and Business Number throughout your account.

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Settings > Labels

There are currently four (4) labels that you can rename. They are found in different sections within your account and in the Client Portal. By default, the labels are named Main Shoot, Extra Shoot, Shoots, and Business Number. Feel free to rename them to whatever you like that fits your business.

Note: there is a character limit for each label. We did this to make sure the words are displayed correctly across your account and in the Client Portal

Main Shoot

This is where you rename the word "Main Shoot" that appears in your Calendar, Workflows, and Client Portal. For example, you'd like to change it "Session". All sections/panels across your Studio Ninja account and in the Client Portal that has the word "Main Shoot" will be changed to "Session".

Extra Shoot

Rename the "Extra Shoot" label that appears in your Calendar and Workflows. You can change the name to "Engagement" for example, so you can add additional date, time and location within the job profile.

Note: this label will not be seen by your clients.


You can rename the word "Shoots" that appears in your Dashboard and make everything uniform. Same with the Extra Shoot label, this only appears in your account and will not be seen by clients.

Business Number

This is also called VAT number, GST number, ABN, CRN, EIN, etc. The name varies depending on where you are located, so feel free to change it to fit your business requirements. The number appears in the Client Portal.

Note: you can enter your "Business number" in Settings > Companies.

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