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How to create and send your first quote (Pick & Choose and Fixed Quote)
How to create and send your first quote (Pick & Choose and Fixed Quote)

Learn how to complete the relevant settings, create your first quote and send it to a client.

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Complete your quote related settings

Before sending quotes to your clients, there are a few settings you need to have in place first. Make sure you have completed the following:

As soon as you have completed all of the above settings, you can start sending your clients quotes!

Create your first quote

Everything in Studio Ninja revolves around jobs, so to send a quote you need to create a job first. Click here to learn how to create your first job 

When making your first test job, please add yourself as the primary client so you can receive and review the quote to make sure you're happy with everything before creating real ones.

From the job profile page (below), you can either click on the 'Add new' button then choose quote OR click on the 'Add new quote' button in the Quotes box. 

You'll see two options - Pick & Choose Quote and Fixed Quote. 

• Pick & Choose quote allows your clients to choose different packages and products.
• Fixed quote presents your clients with a fixed list of packages and products. This is often used if you already know what your client wants. (it looks the same way as an invoice)

Welcome to the New Quote page (Pick & Choose).

Now simply work your way through and fill in the quote details:

Step 1: Choose your packages from the drop-down menu OR create your own by typing in the input boxes OR select a quote template. You can add as many packages as you want, however, only one package can be selected. 

Ninja tip: tick the Recommended box to sell your package/service.

             Add a product (add-ons) from the drop down menu OR create your own by typing in the input boxes. Your clients can select/add multiple products. 

Ninja tip: you can tick the Mandatory box so your clients can't deselect the product and change the quantity. 

Step 2: If you like to add a discount, you can apply a percentage discount per package/product OR apply a fixed discount in the Add new discount section. Simply choose from the drop down list OR create your own by typing in the input boxes. 

To learn more about adding a Fixed Discount, please check this article for more info: How to add a fixed discount to a quote or invoice.

Step 3: Select a payment schedule from the drop down menu.

Step 4: Choose to attach a contract to this invoice. Leave it blank if you don't want to attach a contract.

Step 5: Choose to attach a questionnaire to this invoice. Leave it blank if you don't want to attach a questionnaire.

Step 6: By default, the "Automatically generate an invoice once the quote is accepted" box is ticked. You can manually untick this box if you don't want to automatically generate an invoice. 

Step 7: Click the 'Save quote' button.

Welcome to the View Quote page (below)

From here you have a few options:

Send Quote: By clicking here you can email your quote to your client.
Preview: This will allow you to preview the quote within the Client Portal.
Edit: Allows you to go back into the quote and make any changes you like.
Save as PDF: You can save our quote as a PDF.
Delete: Lastly, you can delete the quote. 

Send your quote

If you are happy with everything, click the 'Send Quote' button and the Send Quote lightbox will appear.

By default the Quote Email Template will appear so if you're happy with the text, all you have to do is click the 'Send quote' button. 

Feel free to make changes to the body text of this email to make it sound more on brand or permanently make changes to this email by going to Settings > Email Settings & Templates and editing the Quote Email Template. 

Previewing your quote

Go and check your email. 

Open it and click the link that says 'Please view your quote online by clicking here'.

You will be taken to the client portal. This is what your clients will see and this is where your clients will pay invoices, accept quotes, sign contracts and complete questionnaires.

What happens when a quote gets accepted?

When your client accepts a quote, two important things will happen:

  1. An invoice will automatically be generated. (if "Automatically generate an invoice once the quote is accepted" box is ticked)

  2. The job will automatically go from Lead Stage into Job Accepted stage. 

You can see that the Job Profile page looks different now.

Congratulations, you've just setup, created and sent your first quote. It's now time to start adding real quotes into Studio Ninja!

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