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Currency & Taxes

Learn how to choose a currency and add a tax details to your products / packages and invoices

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Settings > Currency & Taxes


Use this page to choose the currency that you trade in. The currency you set for your account is applied to all your quotes and invoices. 

IMPORTANT: Once your currency has been saved, this setting can no longer be changed, so please don't stuff this up! :-)


The Tax Rates section is where you can add the different tax rates that you use. In case you charge different taxes for the different services, packages, or products you offer, you can add and set them in this section.

You have the option to set a Default Tax Rate if you frequently use a specific tax rate in your quotes and invoices.

If you don't charge tax, you can delete the saved Tax Rates. If you don't have any Tax Rates saved, all of the products and packages you add in your quotes and invoices will default to No Tax.

Your tax settings can be changed at any time in case you will have to start charging taxes.

The tax settings also has the Tax Groups section. Here, you can combine multiple tax rates into one group. Taxes are grouped in case you are mandated to charge multiple taxes for the services you offer.

Same with the Tax Rate, you can also set a specific Tax Group as your Default.

NOTE: A tax Group is always exclusive of tax.

Once you have set up your taxes, you can apply them to your different products and packages. Your products and packages can either:

  1. Inclusive tax

  2. Exclusive tax

  3. Have no tax 

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