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Quote & Invoice Templates

Learn how to create, apply, edit, and delete quote and invoice templates

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Settings > Quote & Invoice Templates

This is where you add, edit, duplicate and delete your quote/invoice templates. Once set up, you can apply the templates when creating a Pick & Choose quote, Fixed quote, and invoice.

There are three different templates you can add:

1. Pick & Choose Quote Templates: Save a template to easily prefill the quote details when creating a pick and choose quote for your client. This is helpful when creating quotes with multiple products and packages and will save you a tonne of time if it's something you often do.

Studio Ninja comes with two default Pick & Choose quote templates that you can use or edit:

• Sample Portrait Quote Template

• Sample Wedding Quote Template

2. Fixed Quote Templates: add a template to present a fixed list of packages and products.

3. Invoice Templates: save a template to easily send an invoice if the client has already booked, and has chosen their packages/products from your list.

How to create a new Pick & Choose Quote template, Fixed Quote template, and/or Invoice template

To create your own template, click on the green 'Add new template' button.

Now simply work your way through and fill in the quote/invoice details:

Step 1: Set a name to easily identify the template when creating a quote or invoice.

Step 2: Add a quote/invoice introduction for this template.

Step 3: Choose your packages/products from the drop-down menu OR create your own by typing in the input boxes. You can add as many packages/products as you'd like.

Step 4: If you'd like to add a discount you can apply a percentage discount per package/product OR apply a fixed discount in the Add new discount section. Simply choose from the drop-down list OR create your own by typing in the input boxes.

Step 5: Feel free to add notes for special instructions or any additional notes you wish to add. Then select a payment schedule from the drop-down menu to split the payments; and set the due dates if necessary.

Step 6: Select a questionnaire and contract to attach to the quote/invoice. It's optional so you can leave it blank if you like.

Note: you can edit the contract template here without making any changes to the master copy in Settings.

Step 7 (for quote templates): Tick the "Automatically generate an invoice once the quote is accepted" if you'd like the system to generate an invoice after the quote has been accepted.

Step 8: If you're happy with everything, then click the "Save Template" button, and you're good to go! You can start selecting the templates you created when creating a quote/invoice within the lead/job profile - woohoo!!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I save an existing quote/invoice as a quote/invoice template?

If you have an existing quote/invoice you want to save as a template, then simply open the lead/job where the quote/invoice was saved, click 'View', and click the 'Edit' button. Scroll down and click the 'Save As Quote/Invoice Template' button, and you're good to go!

IMPORTANT: If the quote has been accepted, it is no longer possible to edit and save it as a template. Also, if the invoice has been fully paid, you will have to mark a payment as unpaid to be able to edit and save it as a template.

Need Help?

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